How Pvc Compounds Assists In Producing Cost-effective Vehicles?

Ask your grandfather what was the on-road durability of his car? 11 ½ years, will be his quick response. And now, ask your dad the same question. His prompt response will be: 17 years.


Engineered Vinyl Compounds: Injecting Life Into Medical Devices

Visiting local government supported healthcare centers, who would have imagined a few decades back that even this sector will see a sea change and with the entry of private players, the same healthcare system will look neat, clean, transparent and stink & stench free.

Wires & Cables

Offering Quick, Safe Wider Connectivity

Have you ever analyzed how you have got connected to so many things at the same time for diverse range of objectives? From round-the-clock use of mobile phones to shopping in a big sprawling mall,

Wires & Cables

The Most Sought After Plastic Master Batch Manufacturer

There is no doubt that colour is one of the major elements of any polymer product as it not only provides it the functional characteristics but a colourful identity too.


Pvc Compounds: An Inevitable Part Of Daily Life

Who doesn’t dream to have a comfortable, cool, secure and easy life? People always seek products that have all these elements.


How Shriram Polytech’s Specialty Compounds Are Working As Catalysts To Innovate Cost Effective Plastics

With the evolution of the markets all across the world, there has been an increase in demand for high-end products that are not only sturdy & durable but environment-friendly too.


The Current Scenario Of Pvc Industry In India

Sometimes known as industrial plastic, PVC stands for poly vinyl chloride and an important material in the manufacturing of various products across different sectors.


Pvc Compounds Offer Much Needed Spine To The Footwear Industry

Irrespective of the field, professionals work in, there is a common thing that you all wear and it is available in varieties of color, size and design to suit consumer’s preferences.


Understand How Shriram Polytech Is Paving The Way For Engineered Plastic With Innovative Pvc Injection

Plastic is everywhere. From our lunch boxes to aeroplane to robots, plastic has been emerged out as a wonderful material in the lives of people who can now choose to make anything they wish for.