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There is no doubt that colour is one of the major elements of any polymer product as it not only provides it the functional characteristics but a colourful identity too. Plastic has become a crucial material in today’s world when it is being used across a number of applications worldwide. Those several objects that were once made using iron or wood are now prepared using plastic. But when it comes to plastic manufacturing, master batch is the most important agent. What is a mater batch?

Master batch is typically an agent in a solid or liquid form that is added to plastics such as resins. The additive and the carrier are combined together and undergo a heating process adding the additive to the carrier plastic. Besides colors, some of these products also contain performance-enhancing additives such as UV stabilizer, anti-static and metal deactivator; when mixed with the carrier, the resulting product will carry the said attributes.

Being an important element of plastics manufacturing, several factors need to be considered while choosing a reliable plastic master batch manufacturer. While choosing a particular player in this segment, one needs to be very cautious as this is what further leads to quality products.

Shriram Polytech is a leading plastic master batch manufacturer and aspires to deliver high quality plastic master batches across different sectors. Shriram Polytech offers colour concentrates for plastic industry including RoHS compliant grades with lower jet down ratios & easy dispersion. These concentrates are meant to be used in different types of thermoplastic processing including extrusion, injection moulding, which is typically used in applications such as wire & cable, shoe, automobile and medical applications.

Being into industry for several years, Shriram Polytech has gained expertise and matched millions of colours. It is the knowledge and expertise of their trained personnel and high-end equipment that allow us meet the varying needs of our customers worldwide. In addition, the company follows stringent quality policy such as Macbeth Colour Spectrophotometer which leads to superior quality products on continuous basis. The extensive research done by Shriram Polytech in this field has enabled the firm to come up with revolutionary concentrates that are weather resistant, UV resistant, non-migrant and non-blooming. Nonetheless, the company counts on next-gen manufacturing technology to deliver customised masterbatches for different kinds of applications.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy plastic master batch manufacturer, you can count on our expertise and manufacturing ability will be help you deliver quality in every aspect of your business.


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