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Have you ever analyzed how you have got connected to so many things at the same time for diverse range of objectives? From round-the-clock use of mobile phones to shopping in a big sprawling mall, there is a common element that is simply connecting all of us to a safer, quicker, faster and broader world.

Diverse range of industries like Electric, Housing, Telecom, Automobile etc almost all have been simply revolutionized because of the evolution and development of this common element that is called PVC. PVC compounds have in turn helped in the production of multi-purpose wires and cables, which are being used quite extensively to put things on auto mode and simplifying human lives.

Without the manufacturing of diverse range of PVC compounds, the current wires and cable industry wouldn’t have looked the way it is appearing now. Because of that, a wide and comprehensive web of wires and cables appears woven around our personal, social and professional lives. Several buttons, switches are being pushed and pressed for multi purposes about which thinking in the past was not possible.

Say thanks to modern wires and cable industry for connecting you to a safer world. Several companies engaged in this sector, have excelled in producing products of international class, by consistently meeting the global standards. The ultra-safe, top quality cables are considered as the preferred choice of many large institutional buyers.

Wires and Cables used in several industries:


  • Power
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Winding Wire for Submersible Pump Motor
  • Three Core Flat Cables
  • Appliance Cords
  • Detonator Fuse
  • Electrical Plugs and Connectors

House Wiring

  • General Purpose Wire
  • Flame Retardant Wire
  • Flame Retardant Low Smoke Wire


  • Signalling Cables
  • Telephone Cables
  • Self-supporting Drop Wire
  • Jumper Wire
  • Switch Board Cables
  • Coaxial TV Cables
  • LAN Cables

Automobile Cable

  • AV, AVS and AVSS Cables
  • Battery Cables
  • Mechanical Control Cable

To provide enhanced electrical properties, flame and oil resistance, and improved low temperature flexibility, from time to time, top grades have been added to the existing product portfolios, which are fit for being used in diverse range of industries.

Experts consistently press for such cables used in buildings, automotive applications, and power grids, which are known for producing low-smoke and are flame retardant. Such FRLS compounds, which give extremely low smoke and toxic gas emission while maintaining high values of temperature and oxygen index are available in the market. Cable grades are also available with anti-rodent and anti-termite properties.

With these exceptional quality standards, it is quite clear that wire and cable industry is being backed with supreme quality products that are keeping several industries ticking on day to day basis.


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Wires & Cables

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