Delivering a healthy tomorrow

Shriram PolyTech  strives to continually innovate and develop new ideas that can enable better dispensing of medical facilities. This involves manufacturing critical medical compounds that affect people's lives directly, at critical hours.

Our healthcare grades adhere to various Indian Standards as well as biological tests prescribed under USPXXI. Shriram PolyTech ensures that all ingredients used in the compounds are manufactured meeting the GMP norms prescribed by FDA. These compounds are manufactured in a state-of-the-art fully automated and dedicated compounding line with class 100,000 facilities conforming to GMP requirements.

The compound range spans the following products and applications:

  • Clear Extrusion

    • Flexible tubings for IV sets
    • Blood bags sheet & tubing
    • Catheter tubing
    • Cardio Vascular Tubes
  • Clear Injection Moulding

    • Oxygen mask
    • Drip Chamber
    • Connectors
    • Flexible Gasket
    • Nose mask
  • Rigid Vinyl

    • Small Bottles
    • Five Gallon Bottles
    • Connectors
    • Suction Handle
    • Veterinary Tube


Shriram PolyTech radiopaque compounds are available in a variety of hardness and opacifier type. These compounds are designed for use as radiopaque striping or to be extruded into catheter tubing. Radiopacity is obtained through the incorporation of Barium Sulphate in a non-toxic vinyl base. Customised medical compounds are available for kink-free, phthalate-free, radiation free applications.

NAMSA & SGS certified Medical Compounds

Shriram PolyTech has NAMSA & SGS certified Vinyl compounds for Blood Bag Sheets and Tubing applications. These compounds confirm tests as per ISO-3826: 2003 E

Phthalate free Medical grade compounds

Phthalate free non-toxic compounds are available to meet the critical toxicological and microbiological resistance requirements specified by our customers. These grades are available in a range of hardness and are for extrusion and injection molding applications.