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Shriram PolyTech  is the leading manufacturer of premium Vinyl compounds for the cable industry (including RoHS compliant materials). The product portfolio spans a diverse range of applications – electrical, telecom, house wiring and automotive.

These compounds conform to various Indian and International standards and are the preferred choice of many large institutional buyers. Numerous grades have been developed which provide enhanced electrical properties, flame and oil resistance, and improved low temperature flexibility.

Increasingly, cables used in buildings, automotive applications, and power grids have to be low-smoke and flame retardant. Our FRLS compounds give extremely low smoke and toxic gas emission while maintaining high values of temperature and oxygen index. Cable grades are also available with anti-rodent and anti-termite properties.

Some grades are certified by Railway Design & Standards Organisation (RDSO) and Ordnance Cable Factory.

Typical applications where you will find Shriram PolyTech solutions include:

  • Electrical

    • Power
    • Control and Instrumentation
    • Winding Wire for Submersible Pump Motor
    • Three Core Flat Cables
    • Appliance Cords
    • Detonator Fuse
    • Electrical Plugs and Connectors
  • House Wiring

    • General Purpose Wire
    • Flame Retardant Wire
    • Flame Retardant Low Smoke Wire
  • Telecom

    • Signalling Cables
    • Telephone Cables
    • Self-supporting Drop Wire
    • Jumper Wire
    • Switch Board Cables
    • Coaxial TV Cables
    • LAN Cables
  • Automobile Cable

    • AV, AVS and AVSS Cables
    • Battery Cables
    • Mechanical Control Cable

Compounds are available for both insulation and sheathing applications.