Innovative colours – Adding a new dimension

Color Concentrates

Colour is an important element of Polymer products as it renders functional characteristics as well as a colourful identity to the product. Shriram Axiall offers Colour Concentrates for plastic industry including RoHS Compliant grades with lower let down ratios & easy dispersion. These concentrates are usable in various types of thermoplastic processing including extrusion, injection moulding, which find use in applications like wire & cable, shoe, automobile and medical applications.

We have matched thousands of colours; our colour matching expertise is backed by sophisticated equipment and trained personnel at our application centre. Our stringent quality check using Macbeth Colour Spectrophotometer makes our product highly consistent. Extensive research makes these colour concentrates weather resistant, UV resistant, non-migrant and non-blooming. The latest computer based technology is used to develop customised master batches.

The masterbatches are available in:

  • Indian Standard
  • British Standard
  • RAL
  • Pantone Shades
  • Custom Colours