Human Capital

The Company has in its pursuit of excellence continued to focus on human resources and its development in a comprehensive manner. It has stood by its core value of People Development and integrated the same in its organisational work life on a sustainable basis.

Processes at work

As a growing, dynamic organisation Shriram PolyTech realises the need to attract, develop and retain the best talent. The Company, during the course of the year set out to fortify its HR processes and systems in the areas of recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, induction, performance management, training & development, talent management, organisation development and welfare with the objective of meeting its business needs and also to benchmark with industry standards.

Shriram PolyTech is an integrated operation spanning a multitude of industries, demand-cycles and consumers. With the aim of sustaining its growth momentum in the future, the Company has commenced the process of integrating innovation in its organisational culture.

Skill development

The Company regards its employees as key stakeholders in creating wealth. It follows then, that its workforce needs to remain motivated to take on the challenges posed by a dynamic business environment. The Company has implemented several programs aimed at developing, upgrading and improving the functional and behavioral skill sets within the organisation. Along with internal training programs, the employees have been encouraged, from time to time, to participate in external seminars, conferences and workshops to inculcate best practices and knowledge.

Industrial Relations

A true reflection of the maturity and success of the Shriram PolyTech human resources policy has been its excellent labour relations over the years. The overall level of human relations at the Company has been extremely harmonious and cordial all through the year allowing the employees to give their best. This, the Company believes, is the cornerstone of its success.