How Shriram Polytech’s Specialty Compounds Are Working As Catalysts To Innovate Cost Effective Plastics


With the evolution of the markets all across the world, there has been an increase in demand for high-end products that are not only sturdy & durable but environment-friendly too. And a great majority of companies are working towards this way to ensure a promising future both them as well as the society. And there is no doubt that PVC compounds play a great role in helping companies make wonderful products without causing much harm to the environment. Among various players in the industry, Shriram Polytech has emerged as the largest organised player for vinyl compounds in India. The firm boasts of its world-class manufacturing facility which commenced its operations in 1964. It is certified for ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and OHSAS-18001. Over the years, the firm has attained superior quality standards with regard to product manufacturing and provides a wide portfolio of vinyl compounds that meets the performance requirements of a broad range of industries.

The changing dynamics of plastics industry has called for a radical change in the manufacturing strategy particular the use of cost-effective plastics. And this can only be achieved by lowering the cost of raw materials. Through its innovative in-house development efforts, Shriram Polytech has been working on the development of certain specialty polymer formulation or Injection moulding application using PVC resin with K value ranging from 52 to 88. These compounds provide extremely cost effective alternatives to high end performance plastic materials depending on the specific performance requirements of the application. The most distinguished thing about these polymers is that they can be made both transparent and opaque and are characterised by smoother flow, toughness, rigidness, excellent electrical properties, superb weather ability, gloss, chemical resistance and above all, flame retardancy even at extremely low part thickness. Another advantage with these polymers is that they can be processed on typical injection moulding machines and do not require specialised PVC injection moulding machines.

There are lots of products in the market that are manufactured using these polymers. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to ensure quality right from the polymer manufacturing so as to carry forward the same thing in further processing stages. In this way, Shriram Polytech strives to develop engineered innovative cost-effective plastics for advance needs. These polymer compounds are primarily targeted on specific application segments including Electrical, Consumer Goods, Writing Instruments, Electronics, Safety Shoes, and Gaskets & Seals.


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