Pvc Compounds: An Inevitable Part Of Daily Life


Who doesn’t dream to have a comfortable, cool, secure and easy life? People always seek products that have all these elements. But to get that, products must be made from a versatile material so that multiple benefits can be offered to society and common standard of living can be further improved.

From getting up early morning to watching a late night TV program, your everyday routine almost remains constant until something extraordinary happens on a particular day. In this daily routine, even without noticing anything, people repeatedly use products made from a particular material and that material has indeed revolutionized the modern day lifestyle.

If you just correlate the most common elements of all these products, which you use every day, you can easily conclude that your world is woven around PVC products. Varieties of things like bags, bottles, toys, television sets, remote controls, are used in the daily lives. So, from fashion to flooring, art and sports equipment, had there been no PVC, these segments of industry would not have existed today and your lives would have looked totally different now.

Health and automobile industries are the biggest beneficiaries of PVC products. More than fifty per cent of the products used in these sectors are made of PVC. Modern day hospitals could become high-tech and stink free only because of the use of PVC compounds. Currently all the pathology labs and healthcare centers are running successfully because they are assisted with varieties of products that are quite useful and cost effective as well and anyone can guess that these products are made of PVC compounds.

Look at the automobile sector. The designing, color, look and feel, everything has gone through a sea change and that has happened only because of the multiple benefits of PVC compounds, its derivatives and the products made of that. Handle, gear, seats, and the other multiple small and medium parts used in the current days’ cars, PVC products have truly led this industry into a new level and this has really impressed the consumers.

Packaging and leisure items are other two segments where the footprint of PVC compounds are spread in multiple colors, sizes and regions. Inflated beach toys, paddling pools, balls and bouncy castles: these are some of the leisure items produced in large quantities.

As far packaging industry is concerned, the entire online retail industry is based on that. Without the use of PVC compounds in the packaging industry, the much needed varieties of packaging sheets wouldn’t have been possible today. Especially the ready-to-eat products are packaged in multiple designs to attract consumers and to make their shelf life longer.

Plastic industry will spread further and with this speed, the days are not far away when it will have its largest footprint in the society.


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