Pvc Compounds Offer Much Needed Spine To The Footwear Industry


Irrespective of the field, professionals work in, there is a common thing that you all wear and it is available in varieties of color, size and design to suit consumer’s preferences. This common element is nothing but shoes, which you all want as per your choice of design, color, look and impression. The industry that manufactures shoes is a sum total of organized as well, unorganized players and both collectively produce products for mass consumption.

For niche customers, there is a paradigm shift in designs and varieties as high income group consumers want products of their choice and comfortability only. To suit their demands, there is constant innovation and evolution in the materials that are used to produce them. Raw materials that support maximum design in vibrant colors with the maximum possibility of cost effectiveness are gradually handpicked by the industry for the mass production.

Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly abbreviated as PVC, which is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer is supposed to be highly effective and beneficial, because of its multiple features, for the footwear industry. The top features that enable this material to be used for multiple purposes are:

  • Easy to use and convert into many different forms;
  • Despite being lightweight, strong and durable;
  • Water-repellent and resistant to attack by chemicals;
  • Cost-effective, both on economic and environmental parameters; requires less energy in manufacture and offers longevity in service;
  • A unique and modern material that is highly effective in providing new looks and improving product design and last but not the least
  • A very helpful material in producing top quality goods at a reasonable price.

The traditional polymers used in the footwear industry were not of ultimate quality. They were easily trumped by PVC on durability and cost-effectiveness issues and these are the most demanding elements for any industry to remain sustainable in the long term and assist the industry to succeed come what may.

The current data shows that to remain ahead of their peers, the leading players of the footwear industry have got shoe sole molded in Vinyl blend. The most desired function of shoe sole is to provide protection against the corrosive elements and while doing this the sole and shoe must remain comfortable to wear. PVC is increasingly fulfilling this role with great success and this is the reason that in the footwear industry PVC is frequently used to push this sector to the next level fulfilling the aspirations of the consumers


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