Understand How Shriram Polytech Is Paving The Way For Engineered Plastic With Innovative Pvc Injection


Plastic is everywhere. From our lunch boxes to aeroplane to robots, plastic has been emerged out as a wonderful material in the lives of people who can now choose to make anything they wish for. Over the years, there have been numerous changes taken place in the field of plastics manufacturing that enabled the manufacturers to derive low-cost products with improved durability. Despite so many advancements, scientists are still trying to come with better plastics that possess better mechanical and/or thermal properties without increasing the manufacturing cost.

In plastics manufacturing, cost always remains a major part as every manufacturer strives to ride low on cost. Therefore, all their efforts direct on bringing down the cost while increasing the quality and durability.

Since its inception, Shriram Polytech has been known for offering innovative plastic products to various industrial sectors such as Food & Medical, Automotive, Footwear, and Cable Compounds etc. Besides catering to the domestic market, the company also exports vinyl compounds and color concentrates to different geographies of the world.

With an objective to infuse innovation in each and every job they do, Shriram Polytech strives to exhibit its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. The company has a PVC compound plant at Kota with an installed production capacity of 35,000 MT PA for customised Vinyl compounds consisting of various compounding techniques such as ss, Banbury, continuous mixers, twin-screw extruders and high speed and slow speed ribbon blenders.

The company is continuously involved into coming up with advanced products through its in-house development efforts. In fact, it is working on the development of certain specialty polymer formulation for Injection moulding application using PVC resin with K value ranging from 52 to 88. The most surprising thing about this process is that these compounds exhibit very cost effective alternatives to high end performance plastic materials basis the specific performance requirements of the application.

These Vinyl compounds can be made both transparent and opaque and are characterised by smoother flow, toughness, rigidity, excellent electrical properties, superb weatherability, gloss, chemical resistance and more than that, flame retardancy even at very low part thickness. These can be processed on general-purpose PVC injection moulding machines and do not require specialised PVC injection moulding machines. There are various product categories where these compounds are useful in such as Electrical, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Safety Shoes, Writing Instruments, and Gaskets & Seals etc.

Last but not the least, Shriram Polytech yields a very high priority to environmental protection as part of its social responsibilities and is committed to substantially improving the environment.


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