Engineered Vinyl Compounds: Injecting Life Into Medical Devices


Visiting local government supported healthcare centers, who would have imagined a few decades back that even this sector will see a sea change and with the entry of private players, the same healthcare system will look neat, clean, transparent and stink & stench free.  But this is a reality now. Currently, all major cities of the country have more than dozens of ultra-modern hospitals, which are not only magnificent in appearance, their overall hygiene is really commendable.

Was it so easy to achieve? Had it been so simple, it would have been in practice since many years in the past. But it was not so. The current revolution has come because of the latest instruments being used in the healthcare sector. It happened gradually.

There was a time when the prominence of Engineered Vinyl Compounds based products were reported extensively. Many sectors opened itself towards this change and they were quick to grab this opportunity. Even the nursing industry couldn’t remain unaffected from this transformation and very soon in the place of re-usable products, low cost multi purpose PVC based instruments and products captured most of the space in the local clinics, hospitals and other health-care centers.

Don’t you recall, the last time you visited a nearby pathology lab and diagnostic center to give some blood samples for the random haemoglobin tests. Syringes used to attach needles and the cubes in which bloods are stored to test in future, all are made of PVC compounds.

There are innumerable products made of PVC compounds that are used on daily basis in different hospitals such as: Radiopaque Line on a Transparent Tube, 20 litre Mineral Water Bottle, Blood Bag Sheet, Blood Bag Sheet, Glucose Pouch, Flexible Gasket, Flexible Medical Tubing, Flexible Medical Tubing, Nose Mask Compound, Small Bottles (Shampoo, Cosmetics, Hair Oil, etc, Soft Medical Tubing

The lsit doesn’t end here. The purity of Engineered Vinyl compounds makes it extremely useful in the production of several plastic products that are considered to be highly useful at the places where medical facilities are offered to patients. 

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as vinyl or PVC, is not only the most widely used material for disposable medical devices, it is increasingly also used for hospital interiors. The trend will further strengthened, as it has exceptionally eased the day to day functioning at these places.


To get the proof of it, when you visit any healthcare center next time in the future, do make a list of those products that are made of PVC compounds. You will be certainly get amazed to find PVC compounds based products becoming the lifeline of hospital industry.


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